Exam Schedules

  • II PUC Examination is scheduled between 12th March 2015 and 27th March 2015
  • CET 2015 Exams will be held on April 29 and 30

Quick Tips

  • Study at a comfortable and quiet place with good lighting and little distractions (do not sit on bed and study, you'll fall asleep)
  • Take short study breaks frequently. Your memory retains what you study at the beginning and the end better than what is studied in middle.
  • Exercise regularly to get stronger and brainier! Research has found just 30 Mins of exercise can improve brain-processing speed.
  • Avoid foods such as chocolates before the exam, it gives an instant energy, but sugar level will drop down dramatically making it hard to concentrate.

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Whats new with us?

  • 15.Dec.2014New Model Question Papers for Basic Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Electronics, Geography and Statistics uploaded
  • 08.Dec.2014Many PUC Tutorials in Bangalore have shown interest to share their study resources to help students. Great way to go!!!
  • 01.Dec.2014PUC Guru on facebook have gone live, visit us at
  • 24.Nov.2014Puc.Guru website was demonstrated to Academic section of Karnataka PU Board!
  • 17.Nov.2014Study Notes for Accountancy, Business Studies, Chemistry, Electronics and Physics are uploaded
  • 10.Nov.2014Puc.Guru has gone live!